Hero, Hub, Help Content Pyramid

Learn how to attract, nurture, and convert leads while supporting existing users with this powerful framework.

Hero, Hub, Help Content Pyramid and Your SaaS Marketing

In the world of marketing – but we're going to talk about SaaS specifically because it's our specialty – video is no longer a "nice-to-have." It's table stakes. But how do you ensure your videos drive real-world results like new leads, conversions, and customer loyalty? The answer lies in a savvy framework called the Hero, Hub, Help pyramid.

What Exactly IS the Hero, Hub, Help Model?

Think of this model as a three-part blueprint for your video content strategy:

Hero: Attention

  • Goal: Attract a broad audience, generate brand awareness, and create a buzz.
  • Content: Hero videos are often the wow campaigns, high creativity content, using creative storytelling, animation, or humor to introduce the core problem your SaaS solves while showcasing your brand's personality.
  • Examples: A project management SaaS company could create a Hero video that humorously exaggerates the problems of mismanaged projects, missed deadlines, confused team members, and disastrous launches, all building to a breaking point. The solution is playfully presented as the SaaS software, showcasing a quick sequence of how it brings order and efficiency to the chaos.

Hub: Engagement

  • Goal: Regularly released content to entertain the audience and bring more engagement.
  • Target Audience: Existing audience, potential customers who are interested in learning more about your SaaS offering.
  • Examples: Customer success stories, industry trend analysis, problem-solving case studies, "day in the life" videos, reels, and explainer videos.

Help: Solution

  • Goal: Convert leads into customers and empower existing users with the knowledge they need for success.
  • Target Audience: Both potential and existing users seeking specific solutions or facing roadblocks.
  • Examples: FAQs, "how-to" guides, troubleshooting tips, videos explaining a software interface.

Why Bother With This Pyramid Thing?

While a single viral video can't single-handedly propel your SaaS product to overnight success, it can act as a powerful springboard, generating significant brand awareness and driving a surge of new leads to the top of your sales funnel. The Hero, Hub, Help framework then comes into play to nurture those leads and convert them into loyal customers. However, the true power of the Hero, Hub, Help model lies in its ability to attract new prospects at the top of the funnel, nurture those with growing interest, and convert those ready to buy – all while supporting existing customers.

Giants Walk This Path

Companies like Google, Salesforce, and countless others rely on the Hero, Hub, Help model to structure their video content strategy. If you analyze their content, you'll notice a clear pattern:

  • Google: Their Hero videos often highlight the magic of technology and showcase how their products make people's lives easier. Their Hub library is vast, with tutorials, product deep-dives, and inspiring stories of technology in action. Meanwhile, their Help section is filled with focused, problem-solving videos.
  • Salesforce: Their Hero videos emphasize transformative business solutions, while their Hub tackles industry trends with webinars and expert interviews. They have a robust Help section with detailed video guides addressing various product features.

Ready to Roll?

The Hero, Hub, Help pyramid takes the guesswork out of video content strategy. It's not a rigid rulebook, but a framework that empowers your SaaS brand to make every video part of a larger plan. Get brainstorming – results await!

Prosperitas: Your new animation department

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